Our Mission

EmuWest has a single mission: to provide convenient transportation for anyone who needs it. Our objective is to provide a fun yet essential product for anyone from commuters, to travelers, to beach dwellers, or anyone needing an alternative mode of transportation. 

Founded and operated out of Cardiff-by-the-Sea, located in sunny San Diego California, EmuWest is an official dealership for the EMU Trike. The dealership was started by John and Melanie Monteith, who were customers and evangelists for the EMU Trike before opening EmuWest. Having acquired a trike and witnessing first-hand the impact the product made on their lives, they immediately embarked upon a journey to provide others with that very same experience. Whether it's enabling someone to travel and see the world, or providing access to a convenient and green alternative for getting around town EmuWest is dedicated to making these situations come to life.  


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