The Emu Trike Bubblegum Edition


EmuWest presents the Emu Trike Bubblegum edition. This flashy trike will chew up and spit out the road as you fly by pedestrians. It comes equipped with a bubblegum pink battery cover and front fender, along with our jet black tactical pack on the front for storing your gear. You'll absolutely love this setup.

The Emu Trike is rapidly becoming the standard for commuter and recreational transportation. Whether you’re beach living, big city commuting, or anything in between, EmuWest has you covered. The Emu Trike is a portable three-wheel electric scooter capable of reaching speeds up to 20 mph and covering 20 miles on a single charge. Powered by a 48V dry-cell lithium ion battery and a 500W motor, the Emu Trike has zero emissions and is a completely green alternative mode of transportation. The Emu Trike turns heads…it’s cool, convenient, portable, and fits into any lifestyle. Our motto is simple: Get on, take it for a ride, and we promise you’ll get off with a smile.

For a limited time EmuWest is offering FREE shipping on all purchases. We understand that the EMU Trike is not just a purchase, but rather an investment. Please don't hesitate to contact us anytime with questions, we're here to help

    • Bubblegum pink battery cover and front fender
    • Tactical MOLLE gear backpack for storage
    • Collapsible handlebars for quick stowage in car, boat or plane
    • Detachable front wheel for stowage in small spaces or trunks
    • Removable seat and post for riding while standing
    • Adjustable seat and handlebar height
    • LED headlight
    • Rear brake light and left/right turn signals
    • Power indicator showing charge level and remaining battery life
    • Non-slip rubber floor mats
    • Two rear-base stabilizer wheels
    • Handbrake with automatic power cutoff
    • Electric horn
    • Front and rear pneumatic tires
    • Weight: 70 lbs including battery
    • Range: 20 miles on a full charge
    • Top Speed: up to 20 mph (0-8 mph and 0-20 mph settings)
    • Motor: 500W permanent magnet brushless DC motor
    • Power: 48V Lithium-Ion dry-cell battery (TSA friendly)
    • Charge Time: 4-6 hours
    • Capacity: Up to 250 lb rider
    • Width: 27" (fits through standard doorways)
    • Length: 40" from front wheel to back tires
    • Seat: 24.5" adjustable to 29"
    • Handlebars: 43" adjustable to 47.5"

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