The EMU Trike®: How it can help you

May 06, 2017 2 Comments

The EMU Trike® is a 3-wheeled, battery-powered electric scooter, and is one of the best options on the market for taking back your mobility. Whether you were in an accident and are currently on the road to healing, in need of permanent mobility assistance, or just need a little extra help to get to important events, this mobility scooter can remove your stress and make life fun again. Many power chairs and scooters are heavy, large and too difficult to use when you are traveling or enjoying time with friends and family. The EMU Trike® is right for every circumstance or age, and is easy and fun to use.


The EMU Trike® is small and easy to use for any event

The EMU Trike® weighs in at 70lbs so that it can be lifted and stored easily. According to TheMedSupplyGuide, the average power chair weighs between 150-250lbs and can weigh up to 350lbs or more. When you are thinking of traveling or bringing a mobility scooter along to events, transportation of your power scooter is very important. The EMU Trike® is easy to breakdown for storage in the trunk or home, as the seat post and front wheel are removable and the handles can be easily folded down. This scooter has a horizontal measurement of 27 inches so that it can be easily used in homes, and fit through standard doorways.  The EMU Trike® battery can power the scooter for 20 miles, and has a charge time of 4-6 hours. More information on charging your Trike can be seen on our maintenance page

Emu Trike Mobility     Emu Trike mobility

Travel and TSA friendly

Traveling can be very difficult when you are in need of mobility assistance. The EMU Trike® is equipped with a TSA friendly, 48V Lithium-ion dry-cell battery. This allows its users to bring their own mobility scooter on the airplane for use at their final destination. It can be daunting to travel without knowing if there will be adequate mobility assistance throughout your trip, but The EMU Trike® can help get you to where you need to be. We recommend contacting your airline in advanced if you plan to travel with your Trike, as many airlines have specific rules and guidelines. We try to give you the most up to date information on travel with your Trike, but EmuWest cannot, and will not be held responsible for refusal of service. For tips regarding travel with power chairs, view this article.


Get mobile and enjoy yourself safely

The EMU Trike® can help you join your family at graduation parties or reunions, enjoy a round of golf, or simply run errands around town. The Trike has two speeds, 0-8mph and 0-20mph to fit your needs. The Trike offers a front LED headlight and rear brakes lights with turn signals. The non-slip, rubber floor mats and handbrake with automatic power cutoff make this Trike a safe option for use on man-made or organic surfaces such as grass or dirt. Our goal is to help you take your mobility back, while remaining safe and comfortable.

EmuTrike Family Scooter

Whatever your circumstance, age or need, The EMU Trike® can help you gain your mobility back. This power scooter can help you gain more independence and confidence in your mobility.

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